Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well as of writing this it's round 4:30 in the morning I just finished playing some games...needles to say I'm not the best player. But i hope to be the best one day

And as of now i am Rank 1 Bronze League (Zerg) 

My APM averages around 130
I like playing macro heavy then steamrolling the enemy while having an economy lead
and i like pulled pork

This blog will mainly serve as an update to my followers and friends until i get a new computer to start posting videos of my daily ladder matches...

but umm...since intros are done why don't we get started on some real stuff. I hate playing against protoss...for some reason i just have a lot more trouble with them :(

but i feel my ZvT is pretty bouse and my ZvZ is...ok i can't really explain much in paper but i guess i could try to post a voicing of my shit or something but um yeah hope you enjoy this first posting and i hope you all can help me and cheer me on as i move up in the ranks on my to masters

...also donations are gladly accepted(they will be used for funding my clan and paying for my food)


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  1. get a donations button bro! By the way, nice blog posting